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March 10, 2020       Spring Newsletter - Volunteer Appreciation Month

August 17,2019        Enewsletter - Supporting Parents In Prison

June 16, 2019         Enewsletter - June 2019 Michael's Story

May 9, 2019:            Mom's Story at PHP

April 2019:                Enewsletter - April 2019

March 2019:              Enewsletter - March 2019           

January 2019:           Become a PHP Staff or Volunteer

November 2018:       Giving Tuesday

June 2018:                 Christina's Story


February 23, 2018:   Letter to Stakeholders

February 2018:         Kids and Language

December 2017:       Learning How to Mother

June 2017:                The Parental Stress Line and Me

April 2017:                Michael's Story

February 2017:        Caring For Other Children is Hard, Even with Kin


September 2016:    Report from a Prison Group


May 2016:                Coping with Shame

March 2016:            Stephanie's Story


January 2016:         What Parents say about "Why I come to Group"


November 2015:     DCF Must Preserve Families Too"


May 2015:                Mike Turner's Story


March 2015:           Story from a Dad-



December 2014:     Parents Helping Parents - Annual Report 2013-14



October 2014:         Adrian Peterson and Child Abuse



May 2014:               Father's Group at the Suffolk HOC



February 2014:       Testimony on DCF by Lisa W.



July 2013:               Having Last word by Toni R



December 2012:      A Mom from Bay State - The Entire Poem



November 2012:      A Mother in Crisis



July 2012:                 Advice from Samantha


November 2011:     The Evolving Malden Group - By Andy Knight



August 2011:            A Call from Kim 



June 2011:                Michelle's Story


March 2011:             How Ann Marie Got Help !


July 2010:                 Grace's Story - Grandparents Raising Grandchildren



February 2010:         Two Parents Speak Out About DCF-


                                    Testimony Before the Joint Committee on Children, Families, and Persons with Disabilities


November 2009::       Everything She Knew


August 2009:             Unknown Caller



June 2009:                 Jennifer's Wish



March 2009:               Ideas of fun and inexpensive (or free) things to do with children



December 2008:        A call from a Parent with an Autistic Child



October 2008:            Mommy Needs a Time Out Too


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