In-Person Parent Support Groups

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Always Free
& Confidential 

Real people. Real connections.
Real compassion.

Our groups provide a safe space for parents looking for support and are not open to observers.

What Parents Are Saying...

"I hunted everywhere for parent connection help.  PHP was there at my most vulnerable time."

"The synergy of the group and the ability to express and share with others in similar situations... it really did help me."

"It makes me feel better. I like hearing others stories and to know I’m not alone in this "

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I try a support group for parents?

A Parent Support Group is a place where you can come to talk about your experiences and gain feedback without being judged or criticized.  The group can help you to develop positive parenting solutions in a respectful environment.  If you yearn for help and support to improve relationships with your children, a Parent Support Group might be the place for you.

​What is the cost of attending a group?

All groups are free.

​Can I bring my children?

Many groups offer free childcare. Click here to find out which groups offer childcare. Parents often take comfort in a well-deserved break during 2-hour meetings.

​​I have a really busy schedule and I might not be able to make it to all of the meetings, can I still join a Parent Support Group?

Come whenever you can. You are always welcome at Parents Helping Parents.


What is a Parenting Class?

Parenting classes have an instructor who decides what the topic of discussion will be each week.  There may be assigned readings and speakers.  In a PHP Support Group, the parents decide what to talk about.  Only the parents in group can decide to invite an outside speaker.  If the Department of Children Families is requiring you to attend a parenting class, ask if a PHP Support Group would be ok instead.

When can I go to a group?  Is there a start date?

There is no start date.  Parents can join any time.

Do you provide proof of attendance?

The group Facilitator will provide anyone with an attendance certificate for your participation in our Parent Support Groups.

For more information, contact Richie at or 617-926-5008, ext 106.

Due to the COVID-19 virus, all in-person community support groups are suspended. Our Stress Line is available 24/7: 1-800-632-8188.