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In-Person Parent Support Groups

Support Group

Always Free
& Confidential 

Real people. Real connections.
Real compassion.

Our groups provide a safe space for parents to share experiences about parenting and learn to cope with things they cannot change.

Our groups are not open to observers.

What Parents Are Saying...

"I hunted everywhere for parent connection help.  PHP was there at my most vulnerable time."

"The synergy of the group and the ability to express and share with others in similar situations... it really did help me."

"It makes me feel better. I like hearing others stories and to know I’m not alone in this "

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a Parents Helping Parents Support Group?


In these groups, our goal is to create a safe space where group members share experiences about parenting no matter where they are on the parenting journey and learn to cope with things they cannot change.

​What is the cost of attending a group?


All groups are free.

​Can I bring my children?


Many groups offer free childcare. Please check with your group facilitator to see if their program provides child care.

​​I have a really busy schedule and I might not be able to make it to all of the meetings, can I still join a Parent Support Group?



Come whenever you can. You are always welcome at a Parents Helping Parents Support Group.


Who will be in the group?


Our groups are free, confidential, and open to anyone who identifies as a caregiver.  They are run by volunteer facilitators who are trained in our Parents Helping Parents Mutual Aid Support Group Model.


People may join the group at any time and attend as many or as few groups as they want. We find that our groups often develop a core membership of people who attend consistently over a period of time - sometimes years - while others come and go.  


We often have people from a variety of backgrounds in each group.  While they come from different places, they all have caregiving in common.


We encourage regular attendance in groups as it helps members build supportive relationships with one another.


Who runs the group?


Volunteer facilitators trained in the Parents Helping Parents Mutual Aid Support Group Model make sure the Zoom link works, monitor the time, and make sure everyone is able to participate. They may check in with group members between groups. This person is not an expert in parenting and will not be teaching any parenting skills. 


Generally, it is the group members who decide what the group will discuss that day.



What’s the difference between your group and a parenting class?


At Parents Helping Parents, we use a trauma-informed, mutual aid group model that we have developed over 40 years. Group members help one another through a combination of trust, validation, support, and collective wisdom. Each group adopts its own rules which always include confidentiality and establishing a judgment-free forum.


A parenting class is run by a facilitator trained in a specific parenting curriculum.


Do I have to share in a group?




Members can participate in the way they feel most comfortable. Some people get the most out of groups by talking a lot and engaging with others, other people get what they need from listening and observing. Our facilitators are trained to understand the different types of group participation and help all members get the space they need during group time.  If you have questions or concerns about group participation, please talk with your group facilitator.


When can I go to a group?  Is there a specific start date?


Our groups are ongoing and welcome new members at any time.

Do you provide proof of attendance?


After completing 8 weeks of the group we will provide anyone with an attendance certificate for their participation in our Parent Support Groups.

Our groups are for parents looking for support. We provide a safe space for parents, therefore we do not allow observers in our groups.

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