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"I felt totally inadequate as a mother. I kept trying to convince myself that I could work things out on my own but eventually I couldn't lie to myself any more. It took a lot of courage to go to that first meeting. But when I got there, it was amazing to discover a place where parents could talk without being judged. I never knew that if you had a problem you could talk about it and get help and understanding instead of criticism." Anonymous

"Our group really does feel like a family. We take care of each other." Tanya.

"I have had my fair share of professional interventions but PHP is the most effective support system I have found. There's nothing more powerful than a group where you can share your experiences in an atmosphere of trust." Anonymous.


"Learning not to read my child's mind!" Listen, Patience and Be present with Love when I am with my son. Christine.

"I was able to talk about issues that I haven't been able to ever talk about and have support from other parents. Great facilitator". Mardi

"Realizing that I'm not alone and all parents go through similar issues" Nicole.

"Talking about how I feel and hearing the other mom's speak". Crystal.

"The best thing is you can speak openly, and nothing you say goes anywhere. Also you get answers for a lot of unanswered questions + I always leave group feeling better" Happy Face. Suzette.

"Today, I learned maybe I should respond to my mother's control issues, exact opposite of how I used to act. Which is going to help me better control my emotions around my children". Melissa.

"One Ah-Ah I've had while attending group would be realizing I have to "FORGIVE" others in order to have a better relationship with myself and my daughter". Chrissy.

"Having people give me good advise. Listening to other people and how they feel and think. I really enjoy this group". Anonymous.

"Admitting my faults as a parent and finding ways to deal with it so I can be better for my kids" Robert

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