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You Are Not Alone: 

An empowering guide for parents whose children are in DCF Foster Care.

For parents whose children are in DCF custody, Parents Helping Parents offers a guide titled "You Are Not Alone: An Empowering Guide for Parents Whose Children are in DCF Foster Care".  A group of 12 parents came together to share what they learned about DCF and the Juvenile Court system when their children were removed by DCF.  

Our English guide is available as both a printed and an electronic guide.  Our Spanish edition is ONLY available as a downloadable PDF.

*You may also order printed copies of the English DCF Guide by filling out our materials request form located  HERE.

Written by Parents for Parents

This is a scary time. Your child has just been taken from you. You may not understand why your child was removed from your home. You may not agree with DCF’s reason for taking your child.

Where do you start?

Start by reading this guide.

You are beginning a difficult journey in parenting, and you will need help. You are being asked to meet new people, listen to new information, and find new ways to act. Get calm, stay focused, and learn. Knowledge is the key to your success.

No Esta Solo: 

Una Guía de Refuerzo para Padres Cuyos Hijos están en el DCF Casas de Acogida

escrito por padres para padres


Estos momentos no son fáciles. Tu hijo ha sido apartado de ti. Puede que no entiendas la razón por la cual fue apartado. Puede que no estés de acuerdo con las razones por las cuales el DCF te quito al niño.

Estas empezando un camino difícil y vas a necesitar ayuda. Esta situación va a requerir que conozcas a gente nueva, que escuches nueva maneras de comportarte. Cálmate, céntrate y aprende. Conocimiento es la clave del éxito.

For Professionals:


Professionals working in behavioral health, pediatrics, child protection, probation, and legal services tell parents about our services.  We work to strengthen "Protective Factors" such as social connections and parental resilience that are correlated with reduced violence at home.  We encourage you to let parents know about our Parent Support Groups and 24-hour Parental Stress Line by distributing our materials , such as brochures, magnets and calling cards.  All materials are available free of charge. ​

Materials Request

Download PHP Brochure/Rackcard HERE


You may also order printed copies of the brochure by filling out our materials request form located HERE.

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